What is VANITÈ?

 I created Vanitè to bring CONFIDENCE, PRIDE, SASS, & PERSONALITY into makeup. Our goal is to bring cutting edge products that are bold, vibrant, and lively to the makeup community. In today's society where beauty is based on another person’s perspective, We are breaking those standards to embrace all the characteristics that makes us all uniquely beautiful, rewriting the narrative and adding a little spice along the way.
“ I present to you Vanitè it's more than makeup it's an ATTITUDE.” 

Meet the Head Vixen CEO/FOUNDER 

Vanitè Cosmetics is a Michigan based indie brand cosmetic line created by Michigan native, "Tara" Coleman. She was inspired to start her own company simply due to her love of makeup.
"Vanitè was merely just a idea until my passion grew. Both the art and creativity that makeup artistry displays, developed into a vision. I wanted to create a brand that's both empowering for women, and allows people to express themselves through my favorite creative outlet. This is my way of incorporating my dream, my love, my strength, and passion into a reality that I can now share with the world."
-Welcome To Vanitè Cosmetics-